To remain competitive tomorrow , you need to start building a better safety culture today .

start building your safety culture today

 *Captain Dave here thought "the way it's always been done" was just fine.
Don't be Captain Dave and run your crew into yesterday.

Optimum Safety Management's Safety Leadership Development Workshop Series equips your frontline supervisors and managers with the knowledge and skills to lead real culture change.

Results delivered.

Tired of hearing the grumblings from your seasoned supervisors about yet another boring, mandated recorded training session?  Can't fathom wasting more money and production time on the same old repeated training sessions with no real results?

Our live, online, and highly interactive workshops get rave reviews from even the most grizzled and hardened veterans.

98.9%   of attendees surveyed said Optimum's Safety Leadership Development workshops made them a better safety leader.

Stop wasting time and money and start transforming your team into leaders of your new safety culture.

safety workshop results

Transformational Interactive Workshops     >   Traditional Lecture-Style Classes

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"A Better Safety Leader"

"A great tool to learn how to be a better safety leader. Highly recommend to companies that believe safety is #1."

  Metal Service Center Supervisor 
(via post-workshop anonymous survey)

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"Very Beneficial"

"The leadership aspects were very beneficial. Definitely something more supervisors could use training on."

Precast Plant Manager
(via post-workshop anonymous survey)

happy construction worker

"Gained A LOT"

"THESE are the workshops I've been needing and gained A LOT of new information."

Commercial Construction Supervisor 
(via post-workshop anonymous survey)

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The Optimum Center for Safety Leadership

The safety of your employees is a top priority, and also a key part of any successful business. When you have a strong safety culture, you not only save lives and keep people safe, you also increase profitability, productivity, and employee loyalty.

Lecturing safety to your entire employee base simultaneously simply doesn't work. A better safety culture can't be built (and sustained) by a one-time visit from a third party.  Your safety culture needs to be nurtured from the inside.  Enter the Optimum Center for Safety Leadership®. 

Our always live, online, and highly interactive workshops teach your supervisors and managers the leadership and communication skills necessary to shepherd today's modern worker.

Experience the gains in engagement, employee retention, productivity, social responsibility, and profitability that come along with a supported and transformational safety culture.

We give you the skills and knowledge to develop better leaders,
create a safer work culture, and ultimately, a more profitable future.

Fundamentals of Safety for Supervisors

Fundamentals of safety for supervisors

4.7 star rating

Through student-centered, interactive sessions, your attendees gain a deeper understanding of the framework for safety management, supervisory soft skills, regulatory requirements, industry-specific risks, roles, and responsibilities.

Safety Leadership


5-star rating

This highly interactive workshop sets the foundation for your safety leaders to understand and recognize what a great safety culture looks like and gives them the skills to confidently lead cultural change.

High-Impact Observations


5-star rating

Any conversation with your employee(s) in which an exposure is observed is an opportunity for improvement. This engaging workshop teaches your leaders how to provide positive and corrective feedback to engage - not just instruct - and strengthen your safety culture.

Physical Hazard Identification

physical hazard

5-star rating

Science has taught us that by learning to analyze hazards as they interact with behaviors, your safety leaders can turn routine inspections into opportunities for employee engagement. Changing your approach can change the outcome - leading to better leverage for future imact.

Job Safety Briefings

job safety

4.5 star rating

Job safety briefings focus on specific safety requirements, instructions, and exposures associated with work tasks. This workshop teaches your safety leaders how to move from two-way coaching to confidently leading larger groups.

Incident Investigation and Response

incident investigation
& Response

5 star rating

When an incident occurs, your employees watch to see how your leaders respond. How your leaders interact and communicate affects your safety culture. Learn how to maximize your investigations and turn them into an opportunity for positive change and future prevention.

some of the Industry leaders evolving their safety cultures with optimum's safety leadership development workshops:

Start building your better tomorrow today.

Optimum's Safety Leadership Development Workshops are specifically designed to transform your culture by giving your supervisors and managers the knowledge and skills to lead from within.

  • Always live = never recorded
  • Online = easy access from anywhere
  • Highly interactive = no dozing here
  • Smaller classes = better learning environment
  • Flexible scheduling = we work with you
  • 98.9% said it made them better leaders = RESULTS
  • 95.8% "highly recommended" = don't miss out

Your first and best investment in transforming your safety culture.