OSHA is coming. Are you ready?

It's no secret the current administration is hiring more inspectors and ramping up inspections. As a high hazard industry, it's only a matter of time until OSHA comes knocking on your door.

FACT: The faces of your team have slowly changed during the past few years. This change happens from a number of reasons: people moving to fill vacant positions, accelerated employee turnover, or replacing key personnel. Regardless of how you arrived here, the rapid personnel change creates potentially dangerous gaps in compliance.

Do you think you could manage an OSHA inspection without any citations?

Are your lockout/tagout procedures compliant (and followed)? Are your machines properly guarded? What about your electrical systems, hazardous chemicals, and environmental health conditions?

If you had any hesitation in answering the above with a resounding yes, you could be exposing your company to potentially significant violations and fines.

Optimum Safety Management has the experienced safety professionals to ensure you're ready when OSHA comes knocking. Now is the time to make sure your facilities are compliant and re-educate your staff on acceptable and safe working conditions.

Optimum's Wall-to-Wall Inspections:

  • One-day OSHA compliance inspection
  • Inspection with full-time accompaniment of a knowledgeable company representative 
  • De-brief conducted with appropriate leaders at the conclusion
  • Written report delivered within 48 hours

As we also specialize in assisting company's after OSHA visits, trust us when we say it's a lot more expensive to do nothing.

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